Amoyo means Spirit of Appreciation and our core philosophy is based on the power of gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude can be life changing and we bring GRATITUDE into every element of Amoyo. We start each class in gratitude, we ask our students to share things they can be grateful for, we help them to understand all that they can be grateful for and we end our classes thanking each other …and thanking ourselves.


Gratitude of self is so important in life, when you are grateful for yourself others will be more attracted to you, it is part of the law of attraction and the foundation of good core values and work ethics.


Core Values and Work Ethics are needed in order to be employable and successful in life.  

At Amoyo we strive to share our STEPS TO SUCCESS  toolkit and encourage our attendees to learn and master these healthy habits to ensure a better future for themselves.

We have introduced a CODE OF CONDUCT that both our beneficiaries and their parents have to understand and agree to in order to attend out classes.

We encourage committed attendance, punctuality, self-respect and respect for others, dependability, accountability, politeness, kindness, empathy and tolerance to all.

We share the importance of these attributes by making sure how children recognize the progress they make in each and every class and how their attendance impacts the class progress.

We share positive, educational and motivational messages with the parents asking them to communicate with us if children can’t attend –  this demonstrates respect and responsibility and appreciation for Amoyo.  


We mentor students that we notice are struggling or see behavioural changes.  There could be issues with negative peer pressure, emotional trauma, family issues, academic struggles.  


Our senior students are provided study and career guidance and mentorship to ensure they prepare themselves adequately for their matric examinations and are prepared for tertiary education applications or gap year work experiences.


To date all Amoyo matric students have passed matric and have either gone on to tertiary studies, gone overseas for work experience or have gained employment with in house growth and promotion opportunities.

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“With every new dance step learnt, with every new drama skill acquired, with positive feedback each and every day, children blossom in ways that might seem unfathomable to many”