What better way to understand what happens in our classes than to see it LIVE on stage. We are truly blessed to often be gifted tickets to see shows hosted at The Waterfront Theatre College, Artscape, Lamta, the Masque Theatre, Theatre On The Bay and Cape Town Opera.


These opportunities are so important – for many it is the first time our children get to go to a theatre. Often they have been told by their parents that the theatre is not a place for them.  When possible we invite parents to attend to.  


Our message is that they are worthy of going any place in the world that they want to.  We teach them how to greet people in public, how to thank the transport drivers, the theatre personnel, the ushers…anyone and everyone.  We make them feel comfortable and confident that they have the right to be there like anyone else and how important social etiquette is.



We receive compliments at how polite and grateful our students are.

One driver told us he has been driving students for 27 years and he had never felt so respected and appreciated by students in all his years as every child got on the bus and said “good evening” and got off saying “ goodbye and thank you” and not a single piece of litter was left on his bus.  He said that had NEVER happened before.


We have also taken our children to RUSH trampoline park and a local adventure playground as Christmas party treats, a PRIDE FACTOR inspirational workshop for teens and 6 of our students were invited to participate in a leadership camp. 


Our goal is to take students away on camps as many of them have never been on a holiday before.


We thank everyone who has helped to make our outings possible to date.

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“With every new dance step learnt, with every new drama skill acquired, with positive feedback each and every day, children blossom in ways that might seem unfathomable to many”