We have produced three full-length shows – Amoyo At The Amphitheatre, Faces of Amoyo and Unstoppable Show.

At the end of each term, we have performance afternoons. We are over-resourced in talent and under-resourced in sound and lighting facilities with a limited wardrobe for costumes but this doesn’t stop Amoyo from shining through in our performances.

In 2016 we were also thrilled to be selected to perform in the Cape Town Carnival as the finale piece. This was a phenomenal experience and we hope to do it again one day.

Live shows are so important – they give our children the chance to put into practise all they have achieved in class.



They get to feel the thrill of the final dress rehearsal, the audience’s appreciation and exhilaration, they get to feel what stage fright is and the tremendous feeling of success when they get over their nerves. 

They get to feel proud of who they are, they feel the change in themselves, and the progress they have made. They suddenly understand what SUCCESS feels like

Amoyo is regularly asked to perform at public and corporate events.  These bookings also help generate revenue for Amoyo so please consider booking Amoyo for your next party, corporate event, wedding or anniversary celebration.

For further information on booking Amoyo email info@amoyo.org



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“With every new dance step learnt, with every new drama skill acquired, with positive feedback each and every day, children blossom in ways that might seem unfathomable to many”