“When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true.”  Monserrat Caball

All our beneficiaries have grown up singing traditional African songs.  They have beautiful and harmonic voices when singing together and they have unbound confidence.  However, individually they shy away from singing, have never seen music scores and the most have never experienced the joy of  musical theatre, a genre of drama in which singing and dancing play an essential part. 

 They don’t know the bounty of popular musicals like Les Miserables, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, The Sound of Music, Annie, Mary Poppins  etc and the value in combining the triple threat of performing arts, acting, singing and dancing to perform a musical number.

Our purpose with these classes is to introduce classical singing techniques, to empower our youth through song, to open their minds to different styles of singing and performing and for them to have fun getting to know musical theatre numbers.   


Most of our attendees join Amoyo because they want to dance.  They get a shock when they try a singing class, it is so foreign to them but getting them involved and growing in this genre helps change their mindsets from opting to answer “No, I can’t “ when asked to try something new to learn to say “Yes, I can”, “ yes I will” or “ yes I would like to” when offered a new opportunity.

It has been so incredible for our audiences to see our first musical theatre pieces in recent shows and we hope to expand this division.

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“With every new dance step learnt, with every new drama skill acquired, with positive feedback each and every day, children blossom in ways that might seem unfathomable to many”