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Amoyo changes lives and assists with ongoing opportunities post matric!

Three of our graduated students have proven themselves worthy in work ethics, core values and integrity along with bucketfuls of talent and are blessed to be attending the Waterfront Theatre School for tertiary ... See more

4 months ago
Why dance is just as important as math in school

This is why Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation exists and Performing Arts should be part of every school curriculum!

Sadly it isn’t though which is why it is so important that Amoyo can continue its work and hopefully expand to more areas.

Our results don’t lie!

Funding a child’s ... See more

Dance — and physical activity — should have the same status in schools as math, science and language. Psst: it may even help raise test scores, says Sir Ken Robinson.

4 months ago

Registration is starting soon for the new year.It may not be on Monday but possible between Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of next week. Please keep your eyes and ears open as our spaces for each group are limited. Ages from 6 - 19 boys and girls for those who didn't know. Remember ... See more

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Amoyo's first time 8th graders. It's hard to believe some of them were just 5 years old when they started dancing and now looking very grown up on their way to high school. Their future is looking bright #onandup

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Timeline Photos

Wherever you are, whether you are an Amoyo attendee, family member, volunteer, supporter, donor -you are all contributors to and part of the Amoyo Family.

Ubuntu - we are because you are.

Wishing our entire Amoyo family a beautiful festive season with lots of wealth in health and success in ... See more

5 months ago
Musical Theatre Workshop

Here is Patricia - “I actually enjoyed everything except for the beginning , because I had to sing in front of people i dont know but later that day was very fun .
The hard part for me was the singing and dancing at the same time but the good thing is that i didn't quit.
The overwhelming thing ... See more

5 months ago
Musical Theatre Workshop

Some of our senior Amoyo students were blessed to be invited to join the prestigious Musical Theatre Workshop company holiday workshop!

Ongeziwe says “I am really enjoying the classes , learning more about the industry”

#onandup #musicaltheatre #mtw2018 #amoyo #changinglives

5 months ago

Wow what to say?

It's exactly 10 days today after the Youth Leadership Summit Camp and we are still talking about it!

What a phenomenal experience!

#Gratitude towards (Gordon and Michelle) Rainbow Youth Academy
#Gratitude towards Amoyo

5 months ago
Photos from Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation Hout Bay's post

A final but very good session with Corne' Linde from the training center. We had a lot to learn and lot of info to cramp in but boy are we excited to apply it all in the new year at Amoyo. Thank you so very much to the sponsors that made this opportunity possible. We cannot say it enough thank you, ... See more

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