Speech & Drama develops skills that are usually unknown by many. 

A good teacher creates an environment of trust whereby a student feels relaxed enough to talk, move and act in ways and styles out of the norm. 

This platform breeds confidence, it releases a voice and presence, it develops the creative mind, enhances spontaneity and reveals an individual’s true potential.

This toolkit of skills can be used and applied in every realm of life in and outside the world of arts. 





Speech & Drama students are generally more confident and effective communicators. Amoyo students that also attend Speech & Drama classes often stand out from their peers who only attend dance classes. 

When we are unable to provide drama classes we often notice a behavioural decline in some of our students as they have lost their go to place of self-expression that happens in the grounded but creative drama classroom.


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“With every new dance step learnt, with every new drama skill acquired, with positive feedback each and every day, children blossom in ways that might seem unfathomable to many”