“Build a child and you can change a nation”

At Amoyo, we are a passionate team of change-makers who firmly believe in the transformative power of the performing arts to uplift vulnerable children. We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where creativity thrives, independent thinking is encouraged, and self-esteem is cultivated. Through our programmes, we aim to enhance both physical and mental well-being while fostering a profound appreciation for cultural heritage. Our ultimate goal is to empower children to make a positive social impact and bring about meaningful change in their lives and communities as integral, value-giving citizens.

Our Vision

A world where every young person has the skills and confidence to lead a life of purpose and fulfilment.

Our Mission

To inspire and uplift children and youth using the transformative power of the performing arts. Through innovative programmes and community engagement, we strive to create positive change, promote resilience, and empower young lives to reach their full potential.

Our Team:

Kim Conley: Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Mandisa Qwesha: Co-founder and Dance Instructor
Nandipha Sandlana: Co-founder and Dance Instructor
Sean Wilkins: Chief Financial Officer
Marilyn Noble: Project Manager
Cindy Buske: Fundraising Support Manager
Amanda Mgwetyana – Administrative Intern
Beanca Valashiya: Housekeeping and Feeding Scheme Coordinator

Our Board:

George Mackintosh
Jonathan Warncke
Kim Conley
Nomvuyo Dube
Sherrilynne Andreas

Our Patron - Lindy Kokhuis

Lindy is our CEO’s mum, but she is so much more than that. For many years, she and her late husband, Mike, ran Sorghvliet Lodge, a guesthouse in Hout Bay. ‘Sorgh’ means care and here they cared for one another, their guests, their animals, and their community. Through a previously existing dance organisation, they met teachers Nandipha Sandlana and Mandisa Qwesha. And the rest – as they say – is Amoyo history!

Says Lindy:

Our Amoyo children are becoming true diamonds of Hout Bay. Whether they are playing, practising, rehearsing or performing, they shine, they sparkle and they dedicate their energy to the best of their ability. Through self-awareness they learn to express themselves as their shyness dissolves and their self-confidence asserts itself. Learning the principles of respect for others gives them self-respect as they feel safe and appreciated for who they are.

Sharing and caring, having fun while working hard, and being grateful for every opportunity given – all of these make life’s challenges easier to meet. Amoyo’s STAFF aim to support one another from the ground up, learning the gifts and life values of one another and of each child as an individual living in a challenging environment. True dedication is of utmost importance in a child’s life. It gives stability and nurturing. Our staff set the example.

Amoyo believes in FAMILY and to this end we encourage contact with the families of the children, socially when and where possible, or at least by encouraging relatives to come along and watch practices or performances. Home visits are also arranged, should any problems arise, always putting the safety of the children first and foremost. We have attendance records which are followed up on if a child misses class and doesn’t provide a note.

A benevolent environment encourages trust, and TRUST is the backbone of Amoyo.

RESPECT – CONFIDENCE – INTEGRITY. These are the ingredients for a happy and successful child. Most important of all, however, life within Amoyo has to be FUN.

In short, we give our Amoyo children the tools to find their future as capable and confident adults in a challenging world.

As Patron, I am continually amazed and Proudly Amoyo!

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