Our loyal supporters include a number of internationally acclaimed performing arts professionals.

Roberto Quintas
- ward councellor Hout Bay

Dear Kim

I cannot endorse more the good work being done by yourself and Amoyo and the valuable contribution that it is to the performing arts and life skill and orientation development of the most vulnerable youth in the Hout Bay community.

Bridget Mangcu
- Hout bay Christian Community Association

Letter of testimony

Dear Kim,
I am blessed to receive such a great award to stand in testimony to Amoyo Performing
Arts Foundation. I am short in words to try and testify to the great work that you
undertake with regards to our youth. I bless the Lord that we share the burden of the
distressing issues that Affect our youth. I pray that you do not ever come to me saying
you’ve run out of strength.
The foundation is a strong key and the only one of it’s kind in the community that
undertakes to bring about change, a positive attitude and hope for a better future for
the youth of Imizamo Yethu. Yes, we pray that by the mighty hand of the heavenly
Father you might come into the kind of funding support that would provide the
foundation with a solid foundation and great strength moving forward. I am one of
you cheer leaders in the work that you do. If you should fail in the effort to motivate
even one member of our youth into a successful career in the areas of arts or African
contemporary ballet or speech and drama or sing and musical theatre and even in the
men of change programme – instilling a sense of self confidence as you always say and
dealing with issues of selfishness and teen pregnancy issues – one of the issues that
breaks my heart personally, then unfortunately you will have failed the nation but if
you should succeed even with one youth member and the became successful and
made a career out of your efforts then you will have saved a nation. Because this way
we will always have a beacon of hope for the rest of our youth who are affected by hard
core issues.
I am leaning on you to wheel the youth forward. I apologise if I sound like I’m
burdening you with all this responsibility but I pray for you for all the success you
need and desire to carry out this responsibility in life.
I pray for you to champion in this mission, your mission in life.
Yours truly,
Ps Bridgette Mangcu


Kweku is not “merely” Nelson Mandela’s grandson. He is co-founder of the Africa Rising Foundation, which is committed to publicising the positive image of Africa through publications, films, media and social interaction, thereby also instilling and heightening a sense of pride and purpose in young Africans. He is also the president of Out of Africa Entertainment, where his primary responsibility is to seek our interesting screenwriters and stories, develop screenplays for the production, and manage the organisation’s development of existing and new business.

“It’s amazing what you’re doing at Amoyo. I look forward to visiting when I’m back in Cape Town soon.”


In addition to being a highly acclaimed performer, Duane works as a lecturer, teacher and choreographer at The Cape Academy of Performing Arts as well as in film/television and children’s theatre productions.

“We at Musical Theatre Workshop are incredibly impressed by the talented kids of Amoyo. In the midst of certain adversities, these children and teenagers have managed to acquire a passion for the arts, and it is without doubt a result of the love and care they get from their teachers and facilitators at Amoyo. These amazing people are inspiring a whole community and new generation of performing artists and their families. What they achieve, with the limited resources they have, is incredible and needs to be recognised and applauded. Amoyo is more than just a Performing Arts Foundation; it is a ‘home’ to a whole group of kids who have found a new ‘family’ of support, love, encouragement and kindness.”


A former principal dancer with CAPAB (now Cape Town City Ballet), Philip started offering township ballet classes in 1991, with Amoyo co-founder Nandipha Sandlana among his first 34 students. He subsequently employed her as his assistant dance teacher, and he has followed her career with close interest ever since.

“It is wonderful to see the experience and knowledge Nandipha has gained, coming from the background she did, and now being such a great role model by giving so much back to hundreds of children through this wonderful organisation, the Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation. Amoyo sits perfectly in the area it represents, empowering the children and youth of Hout Bay. I must compliment Amoyo on the wonderful work it has done to date and I fully endorse it for all the support it can get in future.


It was Delia, a Fellow of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in London, who originally suggested that Amoyo should not only offer dance classes but, rather, a full performing arts programme. WTS now works closely with Amoyo to assist with qualified teachers; it also offers bursaries to our outstanding students, enabling them to pursue a sustained career in the performing arts.

“I have been thrilled, humbled and excited by the establishment of Amoyo. The development of the students in all performing arts genres has already been nothing short of astounding. It is incredible to see the level of dance, drama and musical theatre that had been produced under the most difficult of circumstances. I fully support all of Amoyo’s fundraising and sponsorship efforts and do not hesitate to recommend the school for assistance in any way. It is a unique project and of invaluable service to the community as a whole.”

To Come
To Come
To Come
Ashley Newell
- Hout Bay Partnership

“Amoyo Performing Arts Foundation is an organization which goes much deeper than the dance. The teachers are truly invested in the wellbeing of their pupils and strive to address the additional life challenges these young performers bring with them to the stage. Amoyo works in collaboration with many organizations and strives to provide a full timetable of activities across our community for a wide range of age groups and disciplines. They are bridging divides through a common appreciation of self-expression while upholding strong organizational values and governance to maximize the benefits they can bring to their beneficiaries and our community as a whole.”

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